Indigenous West
African Spices

Step into a new world of food & flavor

Our Mission is to give everyone everywhere a chance to savor the flavors from the West African Motherland.

Why we think you'll love us

Mission Driven

We're a business that’s committed to giving more people an opportunity to experience the biodiverse indigenous flavors of West Africa. Doing this enables us build a direct route to market for people in rural communities.

Quality Obsessed

Our spices are potent because many are harvested from the wild and while in season. They are then processed mostly by hand using centuries old traditional practices. We know where they come from and how they're grown.

Socially Inclined

Our goal is to balance purpose and profit, and with your help we’re able to work towards setting up infrastructure to support rural women, especially, in earning a consistent and sustainable income.

Time to Explore

Why we're here

Over here in the Motherland, we’ve been cooking up a storm with spices that haven't even featured in your wildest dreams.

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I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and vibrancy of the of the suya spice mix. I’ll definitely be back for more!

Eme R.

Leicester, ENGLAND


Country onions are new to me, but wow. They bring a whole new level of flavor to my soups and stews.

Marilyn K.

Houston, TX


It's the tatashe chili powder for me. The aroma? C'est si bon!!!

Rachel O.



West African food seemed quite intimidating until now. Thanks to you I'm learning about it and tasting new flavors.

Susan K.

Norcross, GA