Explore the flavours
of West Africa

one plate at a time

Many of the West African and West Central African recipes featured here are plant-based interpretations of traditional dishes.

At its core, West African food is plant-inclined. However, the use of smoked meats and seafood are part of the food culture, which has also been influenced by transcontinental trade and colonialism. We encourage you to explore and research the recipes, and make them your own. Enjoy!


Breakfast Hash
Breakfast is served! A breakfast hash that embraces West African flavors is a breakfast hash you need in your life. On days when toast and cereal won't do, a solid breakfast is what you need. This breakfast hash is simple...
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Stewed Beans & Fried Plantain
Beans and plantain is a combination of foods that are commonly eaten across many countries in West Africa and beyond. Prepared in different ways, the beans are stewed in a rich sauce and accompanied by fried or boiled plantains, or anything...
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Sautéed Kale & Mushrooms
Your kale, or any greens for that matter, will experience a rebirth with this simple, yet flavorful dish. A take on the many versions of green vegetable soup eaten across the region, this dish features Seasoning Kewb, a mix of...
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Plantain Suya
Grilled plantains is a popular streed food in many West African countries and so is suya. Yaji is the pepper mix used to prepare suya, grilled meat (of any kind) on skewers, a popular Northern Nigerian street food that has gained...
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