Explore the flavours
of West Africa

one plate at a time

Many of the West African and West Central African recipes featured here are plant-based interpretations of traditional dishes.

At its core, West African food is plant-inclined. However, the use of smoked meats and seafood are part of the food culture, which has also been influenced by transcontinental trade and colonialism. We encourage you to explore and research the recipes, and make them your own. Enjoy!


Yaji Fried Green Tomatoes
A southern-comfort favorite, fried green tomatoes, gets a hit of West African flavor by being coated in yaji (suya spice mix) inside and out. Crunchy green tomatoes, heat and a cool dip make this side dish errythang and then a...
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Jollof Summer Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are bright, incredibly juicy and deliver intensely sweet, almost candy-like flavor when they are in the height of their season. This sweetness is balanced with the deep rich spices, like those in our jollof spice mix. Serve these...
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Girasoli in a pepper soup broth
Pepper soup, a spicy hot broth-based soup, is a comfort food that features in many cultures across West Africa and into Cameroon. In this version, Italy meets West African flavor as girasoli is blessed with the fragrant spicy broth of traditional pepper...
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Pepper Soup Spiced Pee Wee Potatoes
A wide variety of potatoes are in season and baking is one of the many ways to prepare them. Elevate your potatoes with Pepper Soup Spice, a mix used to prepare a traditional spicy broth-based soup that can be used for so...
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Nigerian Coconut Rice
Nigeria and Cameroon have a local coconut rice recipe that is in a league of its own. This fragrant yet flavorful rice dish deserves a spot on your table. Here's our simplified twist on the traditional dish that is easy to...
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