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Hot 'Peppe' Mix

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Ingredients: Shombo (cayenne chilis), Nsukka peppers (smoked Nsukka habaneros), Rodo (Scotch bonnet chilis), uziza seeds (Guinea cubeb), spices.

Origin: Isolo, Lagos State - Nigeria

Flavor: Hot. Bright. Floral. Smokey.

Volume: Loud

Use: Marinades, seasoning mixes, soups, stews, rice dishes, pastas, potatoes, yams, or anywhere fragrant heat is required.

Hot 'Peppe' is a mix of heat and fragrance. The people of West Africa do hot pepper and they do it unapologetically. We love our food spicy with hot 'peppe' (most chilis and peppers are referred to as 'peppe'). Even in the tropical heat, food must come with hot spice to evoke sweat that cools the body down. There's a science to this! From bright red stews, to soups, to rice, to grill mixes, very few dishes are made without chilis in varying degrees of intensity. The base of many recipes in West African cooking consists of chillies, onions, garlic and oftentimes a variety of chilies are mixed together to not only bring heat, but a variety of flavor to a dish. This seasoning mix brings more than heat. It brings a sweet, bright, fragrant, smokey flavor to every dish it graces. 

Facts: Salt free. Made with a mix of chilis cultivated using sustainable practices, sun dried and smoked. Processed by hand.

Note: This mix is very hot. Proceed with caution. 


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