Country Onions
Country Onions
Country Onions
Country Onions
Country Onions

Country Onions

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Ingredients: 100% Country Onions

Origin: Dikome Balue Subdivision, Cameroon; West Central Africa

Flavor: Pungent. Smokey. Garlicky.

Volume: Loud

Use: Add to grill mixes, stews, soups, pasta dishes or as an alternative to garlic and/or onion powder.

Country Onions also called rondelles, bobimbi, oulum are onion-shaped seeds from a West African rain forest tree Afrostyrax lepidophyllus, also referred to as the garlic tree, found in Cameroon and Gabon, West Central Africa and Ghana, West Africa. In Cameroon, country onions and the bark of the tree are used as a condiment and in traditional medicine. Country onions are little flavor bombs that pack a punch and offer complex flavor similar to garlic, with hints of onion. This unique condiment comes into season once mostly every two years, but it's worth the wait as it will take you on a whole new flavor adventure.

Facts: Wild harvested, shade dried, smoked, hand processed.

Note: Can replace garlic and onion powder. Whole country onions are extremely hard. Break them down with a mortar and pestle before adding to a spice grinder o use a high powered blender. 

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