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Ingredients: 100% Fermented Locust Beans (Ground)

Origin: Ogele, Kwara State - Nigeria

Flavor: Umami. Pungent. Salty.

Volume: Loud

Use: A substitute for miso, dried mushrooms, bouillon cubes, MSG. Add to  soups or stews, beans, rice, pilafs or add to your homemade spice mixes for a slightly salty rich umami flavor. 

Dawadawa (ground fermented locust beans), also known as sumbala or soumbala in parts of West Africa with Parkia biglobosa being its biological name. This condiment adds an intense pungent and umami flavor to food. This condiment brings depth and complexity to stews, soups and vegetables. If you close your eyes and imagine what the aroma of the combination of roasted nuts, a dark chocolate or raw cacao and an aged pungent cheese would be like, that is dawadawa for you. It’s special, but don’t be put off by the aroma - the flavor it imparts is something to savor. This is definitely the ingredient for the culinary adventurers out there.

Facts: Wild harvested, boiled, fermented using centuries old practices, sun dried, processed by hand.




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