Uziza (Guinea Cubeb)
Uziza (Guinea Cubeb)
Uziza (Guinea Cubeb)
Uziza (Guinea Cubeb)

Uziza (Guinea Cubeb)

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Ingredients: 100% Uziza - Guinea Cubeb

Origin: Ibesikpo Asutan, Akwa Ibom State - Nigeria

Flavor: Floral. Spicy. Pungent.

Volume: Moderate

Use: Pound a few grains with a pestle and mortar to crush them before adding to soups or to boiled rice. Can be used in place of black peppercorns and best added at the end of cooking - the last 15 minutes. Try mixing them in a pepper mill with black peppercorns for an interesting mix of flavors.

Uziza (Igbo language), odusa or nkpsip etinkeni (Ibibio language) or ata iyere (Youruba language) in Nigeria, Esoro Wisa (Twi language) or Ashanti pepper in Ghana. It's also known as Guinea cubeb, Guinea pepper, piper guineense, Benin pepper, bush pepper and is a relative of black pepper, as well as, a member of the piper family native to West Africa. This pepper is seasonal and a milder, less bitter substitute for black peppercorns. Uziza seeds offer a fresh, pleasant floral aroma and herbaceous flavor with hints of allspice. In Nigeria both the seeds and the leaves are used in cooking.


Facts: Harvested from the wild, sun dried, hand processed

Note: Uziza seeds have a slight bitter taste, so it is important to use a little at a time.

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