A woman on a mission

Imagine this. Imagine living in Nigeria for 10 years and experiencing delicious West African food in its most authentic forms. Imagine cooking with the best spices sourced directly from local foragers who oftentimes trekked deep into the tropical forest to gather them sustainably.

Hello, I’m Affiong Osuchukwu and that is my experience and the inspiration behind founding Ekaterra. I am passionate about rediscovering indigenous ingredients used by my ancestors and raising the awareness of West African ingredients and food culture globally. Today, my mission is to bring these flavors from Africa culinary adventures all over the world. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey

Some call Africa the Motherland. We call her Ekaterra.
Eka (Ibibio language - Mother). Terra - (Latin - Earth/Land)

Ibibio is the language of the fifth-largest tribe in Nigeria.

It is from my mother that I first experienced the flavours of Nigerian food, in our small South London flat in the 70s. The first Nigerian dish I remember watching her cook was edikang ikong soup with eba, a delicacy of my ancestors - the people of the Ibibio tribe of Southeastern, Nigeria. At the time, my young mind was like “what kind of new and wonderful food is this?”. It is through my mother’s cooking that I learned about my grandmother, her recipes and our indigenous spices. Ekaterra is a nod to my namesakes; Affiong - my maternal grandmother, Affiong my paternal grandmother whom I was named after and all the West African grandmothers and mothers that have been feeding generations with rich, deep and complex flavors for centuries.

Bringing West African spice to your life

We’re a company committed to bringing the rich ancestral flavors of West Africa to pots and plates everywhere.

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West African Spices

Often unknown. Sometimes under appreciated. Frequently underutilized.

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We are here to tell stories about food and food culture from West Africa, from how it’s grown, to how it’s prepared, to how it’s eaten and to how it defines who we are as a people. Our spices are just a means to bring those stories to life - wherever you are in the world.

When you think of spices, West Africa might not be on your list. But it should be, because it is home to a wide variety of biodiverse ingredients. Here in the Motherland, we cook with hidden gems, spices that flavor and heal at the same time. These bold, complex flavors have been at the heart of our food culture and heritage for thousands of years. 

Such delicious secrets are hard to keep. Today these rich flavors are making their way from the earthen pots cooked on open fires to modern-day kitchens around the world. At Ekaterra, we love celebrating the flavors of West Africa and introducing them to home cooks and chefs hungry for something new. It’s our mission. 

One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others.

In West Africa, we don't do bland

Deep and complex

West African foods are earthy, complex and often smoky. Our traditional spices give food these defining flavors, enjoyed from East to West from Senegal to Mali to Nigeria. 

From the source

Where and how spices are grown, harvested, processed and stored affect taste and potency. This is why we're dedicated to ethically bringing you outstanding spices direct-from-source.

On your plate

Grown in the Motherland’s fertile soils under her intense sun, our spices might be new and exciting discoveries for you, evoking your inner explorer with every bite.