Jollof Mix
Jollof Mix
Jollof Mix
Jollof Mix

Jollof Mix

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Ingredients: Tatashe (Nigerian Romano chili), shombo (cayenne), country onions, organic coconut palm sugar, Nigerian sea salt, ginger, white Penja pepper, herbs and spices 

Origin: Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria

Flavor: Fragrant. Herby. Peppery.

Volume: Moderate

Use: Add to jollof rice (of course!), pasta, potatoes, vegetables. Use for marinating, grilling, stir-frying, soups and stews.

A Jollof Mix that supports all your jollof endeavors. West Africans and their jollof rice is a touchy subject and the topic of friendly debate among our people as it relates to who makes it best. This one-pot rice dish originating from the Wolof tribe of Senegal and Gambia has been adopted across the region with each country, tribe and individual adding their own take to the original.

Our Jollof spice mix is made from a mix of 14 indigenous and local herbs and spices that impart a rich, peppery and smoky flavor on recipes. This special mix has been used for decades to prepare jollof rice for celebrations and dignitaries alike. It has been crafted by local women in Nigeria who understand the art of preparing a special jollof rice known as 'party jollof'. This mix is great for jollof rice infusing traditional flavors into each pot and so many other ways, such as in pasta, in soups, stews and for grilling. You are highly encouraged to sprinkle generously.

Facts: Made with a mix of herbs and spices, mixed and blended by hand.  

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