Native All Purpose Mix
Native All Purpose Mix
Native All Purpose Mix
Native All Purpose Mix

Native All Purpose Mix

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Ingredients: Tatashe (Romano chilis), country onions, ginger, African lemon basil, and spices

Origin: Isolo, Lagos State - Nigeria

Flavor: Hot. Smoky. Garlicky. 

Volume: Moderate

Use: add to anything that needs seasoning for elevated flavor with a touch of heat. Use in soups, stews, for grilling, stir-fries. 

All Purpose a seasoning blend that our village people  approve of. This local blend offers heat, smokiness and hints of garlic. This all purpose seasoning uses a mix of traditional West African spices and hot peppers, for added heat. Seasoning mixes or cubes are about lifting dishes to a whole new level and this custom blend does that with a lot of heat and then some. Making your regular food a lot more adventurous is what this blend is all about. This is our West African take on a pantry staple that you will use over and over again - we promise. Sprinkle generously. 

Facts: Salt free. Made with a mix of herbs and spices, mixed and blended by hand. 

Note: Add and mix in salt as needed before or during cooking.


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