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Ingredients: 100% Njangsa (Whole)

Origin: Dikombe, Cameroon; West Central Africa

Flavor: Sweet. Buttery. Nutty.

Volume: Quiet

Use: Grind and use as a natural thickening agent to soups, stews, broths, gravies and to add an underlying nutty flavor to food. Use to make Cameroonian njangsa stew and Ivorian La Sauce Akpi.

Njangsa or essessang (Cameroon), okhuen (Nigeria), akpi (Côte d’Ivoire), wama (Ghana) biologically known as Ricinodendron heudelotii are oil-rich seeds of the Ricinodendron tree that bring a strong nutty flavour to foods with its taste being very pronounced, characterized by notes of peanuts. It is ground or crushed before being incorporated into hot recipe preparations. It is also used as flavor enhancer in the cuisine of countries such as Ivory Coast. Njansang seeds are known to be relatively rich in protein, fats, phosphorus and potassium.

Facts: Wild harvested, hand processed, shade dried,

Note: Toast the njansang seeds before use to deepen the nutty flavor. Blend with fresh ingredients before cooking to prepare a sauce.

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