Seasoning Kewb
Seasoning Kewb
Seasoning Kewb
Seasoning Kewb

Seasoning Kewb

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Ingredients: Dawadawa, country onion, uyayak, ehuru, ataiko, and spices

Origin: Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria

Flavor: Umami. Garlicky. Peppery.

Volume: Moderate

Use: Add to anything that you’d add a seasoning or bouillon cube to for elevated flavor.

Seasoning Kewb, our West African bouillon, is a natural replacement for your commercially processed cubes. Not naming names! Commercial seasoning cubes arrived in West Africa in the 1960s and soon replaced indigenous spices that have been used to flavor food for centuries. They are also full of colorings, artificial flavorings and other ingredients that require a scientific table to interpret. This bouillon-like spice mix, consists of a blend of traditional spices intended to turn that trend around. This mix will help lift dishes to a whole new level. Need to whip up a plate of fabulous food without too much stress? Our West African take on a pantry staple was made for you. Sprinkle generously. 

Facts: Salt free. Made with a mix of herbs and spices, mixed and blended by hand. 

Note: Add and mix in salt as needed before or while cooking.


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