Pepper Soup Mix
Pepper Soup Mix
Pepper Soup Mix
Pepper Soup Mix

Pepper Soup Mix

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Ingredients: Uziza seeds, uyayak (aidan fruit), uda (Grains of Selim), ehuru (calabash nutmeg), alligator pepper, country onion and spices

Origin: Asaba, Delta State - Nigeria

Flavor: Peppery. Warm. Pungent. Smoky.

Volume: Mild

Use: Traditional Nigerian pepper soup, broth-based soups and noodle dishes, one-pot rice dishes, sprinkle on roasted potatoes, baked fries or yams.

Pepper Soup Mix is used in a broth-based Nigerian and Cameroonian soup often served with puna yams and sometimes with rice or alone. This soup is great for cooler weather, when recovering from a cold and also in the sweltering heat. This traditional spicy, savory seasoning blend is also great for grilling, one-pot rice dishes and in stews. Switch up your regular spice mix with this blend and enjoy deep flavor and pepperiness. This blend is moderate, pepper soup gets its name from the fresh hot chilis added to the pot when cooking and not from the spice mix.  

Facts: Salt free. Made with a mix of traditional herbs and spices, mixed and blended by hand. 

Note: Add and mix in salt as needed before or while cooking. Add fresh hot peppers - scotch bonnets and/or habanero peppers.


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