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Ingredients: 100% single source Uyayak (aidan fruit) pieces

Origin: Ikom, Cross River State - Nigeria

Flavor: Sweet. Fragrant. Warm.

Volume: Moderate

Use: Roast on fire to release natural oils. Grind or use whole. If cooking with whole pieces remove them from the dish before serving. Use in soups, stews, grilled foods and bbq and seasoning mixes, baked goods; pastries, cakes, porridges, desserts and drinks. Steep in a hot water and drink as a tea.

Uyayak is known by many names across West Africa including aidan fruit, four corner spice, prekese (Ghana), yanghanyanghan, oshosho, osakirisa with the  biological name of tetrapleura tetraptera, and often called soup perfume.  It brings a unique sweet yet fragrant flavor to dishes, baked goods and drinks. Uyayak is used as a spice, for tea, dietary supplement, and a medicine in many West African homes. It is used in preparing a number of traditional soups in parts of Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon from banga soup to abak atama soup, to cocoyam porridge. It is important to add this spice early on when cooking, so that it can infuse properly for a more flavorful and aromatic result.

Note: Burn it on the heat first then grind it before blending with other spices.  Or, drop whole pieces into the pot while cooking to allow its flavor to infuse into the food. Remember to remove whole pieces before serving. 

Facts: Wild harvested, processed by hand, sun dried.

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