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West African Bird's Eye Chilis

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Ingredients: 100% West African Bird’s Eye Chillis [Whole]

Origin: Kaduna, Kaduna State - Nigeria

Flavor:  Bright. Smoky. Citrusy. Mildly Sweet.

Volume: Moderate

Use: Add a few to a grinder with your seasoning mix, add to soups, stews, sauces, dressings. Add a few whole chilis to your stir fries and roasts. Pairs well with cilantro, and the West African holy trinity - ginger, garlic and onions.

African Bird’s Eye Chilis, also known as piri piri chilis, or ata wewe (in Yoruba) are tiny smoked dried chili peppers that aside from the heat offer a light, yet herbaceous flavor. Similar in flavor to the tabasco pepper, these chilis are used to add heat to a variety of dishes in a much less overwhelming way than hotter chili varieties.

Facts: Cultivated using sustainable practices, sun dried, processed by hand.

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