Yaji - Suya Spice
Yaji - Suya Spice
Yaji - Suya Spice
Yaji - Suya Spice

Yaji - Suya Spice

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Ingredients: Chilis, ginger, garlic, onions, uda (grains of selim), uziza seeds (Guinea cubeb) and spices

Origin: Maiduguri, Adamawa State, Nigeria 

Flavor: Earthy. Hot. Spicy. Smoky.

Volume: Moderate

Use: Grilling and roasting; rub or marinade anything you would grill or roast including vegetables, add to pastas, beans, rice, savory popcorn. Sprinkle very generously.

Yaji (aka suya spice) is a traditional grilling spice mix that is used to make the famous Nigerian suya - grilled skewers of varying meats, a Nigerian nighttime street food fav.  Suya, which are similar to a shish kebab, originated from the nomadic people of northern Nigeria and has been adopted across West Africa.  Our yaji mix consists of 11 herbs and spices that will give your grilled foods deep smoky hot and rich flavor. Yaji spice isn’t just for grilling though, it can be used in so many dishes. We encourage you to explore.

Facts: Peanut free. Salt free. Made with a mix of herbs and spices, mixed and blended by hand. 

Note: Add and mix in salt as needed before or while cooking with our suya spice mix.

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